iPhone Getting Final Fantasy Game

November 2, 2008

All you RPG fans and tactics folk may be excited to know that Square Enix, the company behind the world-conquering, Final Fantasy series of games is making its first title for the iPhone.

Called Crystal Defenders, the title is going to launch first in Japan but will involve you using the iPhone’s touch screen to move characters and make strategic ass-whuppin’ decisions.

From the first screens here [after the jump], it looks somewhat like the FF: Tactics series and is described as a map-based “defence simulation”.

What’s more is that it’s expected to go on sale at the Japanese App Store by Christmas. With any luck we should see it in, say, 2010. OK, that’s cynical, but I’d appreciate it arriving in the first half of next year.

While I’m not convinced that even a Final Fantasy game can help bolster Apple’s claims that the iPhone can be a gaming platform, it’s a step in the right direction.-Martin Lynch



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