Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

November 23, 2008

Ubuntu Usplash Smooth

This is the original Ubuntu Usplash for Intrepid Ibex with an exciting twist!

Now the progress bar is time-based!

What does it means?

The original Ubuntu Usplash progress bar didn’t tell you much information.
It moves in small/huge increments, and sometimes stands still for a few seconds.

This Ubuntu Usplash Smooth does it different!

It remembers the time of your previous boot/shutdown, and will smoothly increase the bar according to this time. Since the boot/shutdown times change very little, you will get a very precise bar with a very smooth animation showing exactly how much time is left!

Check it for yourself!

Modesty aside(!), this is how the usplash progress bar should have been done from the beginning!

Easily packaged in a DEB file, you just have to install it, and boot your computer a couple times. The first boot/shutdown will be quite off the mark, of course, since the Usplash Ubuntu Smooth still don’t know how much time it will take to complete. But from the second boot/shutdown onwards, you will simply fall in love!

If you hate it for any reason… just uninstall it, and your system will return to the original configuration.



Ok, marketing is over!
Let’s talk seriously now.

This is a personal project of mine to make the usplash progress bar time-based.
Besides making ubuntu boot look nicer, it also gives you accurate time of the boot process.
This kind of bar is already used in MacOSX, and I admit it was from there that I took the idea!

It was an ugly fight with usplash, because I didn’t want to modify it in any way.
I wanted to do this using the technology already implemented in Ubuntu,
and achieve this using just a simple theme.

Anyway, check it out, and give your opinions below!
Thank you!

Direct Download:
Ubuntu Usplash Smooth (Hosted at gnome-look.org)
Ubuntu Usplash Smooth (Hosted at ubuntu-art.org)

Ubuntu PPA:

Ubuntu WIKI:

Ubuntu Brainstorm:

Sounds cool to me.


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