Fat Thumbs.

January 1, 2009

Went shopping the other day… urgh what a drag, on my way to a cafe I popped into the Mac shop to a look around and to fiddle with the iphone. I have only used an iphone once before so I took this oppurtunity to explore the device a bit more. I was impressed at first, the touch screen was flashy and worked well. After going through the phone for a few minutes I thought I would try and find my blog. Now please dont assume that I am some cack handed fool. Ok, well I may be a fool however I am not cack handed…. or fingered for that matter. I was presented with the tiniest keyboard I have ever seen. I tried to type in the URL but it was just impossible. I have seen people complaining about the iphone keyboard however I didn’t think it would be this bad. How can such a remarkable device be crippled by (in my opinion) such a crucial part of it. 

So if your thinking of buying an iphone I suggest you have a play with it before you buy it.


Fat thumbs ftl.



One Response to “Fat Thumbs.”

  1. Tru McGowan Says:

    I felt exactly the same way when I first got my ipod touch, but once you’ve used the ‘tiny keyboard’ for a while it gets much easier to type on it.

    ‘tiny keyboard…in my hand…’

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