Water Cooling Taken To New Extremes

January 11, 2009

And you thought your water cooling was top notch…

Project Monolith is my first scratch build, i have pretty well built everything from scratch. It will be a tall slim case, rather narrow, but tall, topping 60cms. It will be approximately 15cm wide.

It will consist of a square section frame, with black PVC sides, or possibly black anodised aluminium. There will be no DVD drive, any burning duties can be done by a firewire burner.

It will be completely watercooled, and i mean completely. If produces heat, it will have a waterblock on it.
On the motherboard, the CPU, mosfets, ddr2, northbridge and southbridge will be watercooled.
On the 3870×2, the two cores, pci-e switch, gddr3, and power modules will be watercooled.
The physx card, and x-fi will also be cooled.
The PSU and Hard drives will all be watercooled as well, and due to the simplicity of the design, any additional items anywhere in the machine that get hot can easily and simply be

A few pics (Click this link to see everything)



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