Devon Owned by Snow

February 8, 2009

Snow In Bampton

Snow In Bampton

Although the title of this post might be a tad inappropriate at first glance, it really isn’t.

It seems when the UK gets a little bit of the white stuff everything grinds to a halt and everyone starts crying. I’m sure that the Americans who got snow this year will laugh at the picture above and think we are a bit weird however an Englishman would normally cower in fear at this amount of snow. It must be said that we don’t often seem to get snow in Devon/Somerset and as such it came as a bit of a shock this year.

You wouldn’t think a few inches of the white stuff could actually affect anything, after all it looks harmless, but it seems that everyone likes to make a fuss about it. A college in the same town that I go to closed but the stuff had melted by lunchtime. Radio stations were urging us to stay indoors unless a trip out into the Antarctic like conditions was absolutely necessary.

Now there isn’t really a point to this post other than ranting about peoples attitudes towards the recent weather. So I will cut it short and leave you with this thought, Devon wasn’t actually owned by snow but the people in it wanted it to be and so it was.


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