Hibernation and Design

February 22, 2009

Well I have reserved this slot in my chockablock schedule to deposit some wisdom on my cherished blog which hasn’t been neglected for the past week… honest. Ok so I haven’t really been chockablock and I’m not that wise either but I do want to make a post here… Even though I don’t know what I’m going to post about yet. 

Hmmm what have I been doing for the past week? Well I have been on half-term. I’m not sure if this is a common phrase so for those of you who are a bit lost it means that college let me go free and I get to chill out at home… or so I thought. However with harsh, persistent and grumpy nagging from my mum I thought I better try and earn some money. Now for those who don’t know (that’s everyone, most likely) I am trying to get started in the freelancing area of graphics design. Meaning I get paid to do stuff like the image below:

Blog Design (for sale)

Blog Design - Click To Make Full Size (For Sale)


However ‘getting your name out there’ is rather difficult if you don’t have a portfolio or website. The only solution I could think of to this was to enter some competitions (told ya I wasn’t that wise). Now these aren’t any kind of competitions, they are properly structured and the designers, in most cases, are guaranteed payment. So I entered a few, the trouble is the competition hosts seem reluctant to give feedback and talk to the designers. They seem to start the contest, come back 9 days later and select a winner; or so I experienced. This is rather frustrating as design is a two way thing, neither of you will get what you want unless you discuss personal tastes, choices and decisions. But I digress. 

Its a rare thing to see me work. You see, I am a sleepy soul and as such, spend most of my time either in bed or drinking coffee. Naturally by Wednesday I had returned to the bed where I stayed in hibernation until today. So that is why I haven’t been updating the blog with tech related topics or pictures of nasty foodstuffs. I promise to update more regularly… and I mean it this time.

Good day readers of Cybernetic Void.


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